Alex Darocy Photography

The assemblages produced within the scenes of Alex Darocy's photographs are the result of the combination of pre-planned narrative building and spontaneous physical play. Many wood carvers liken their process to pulling images out of, and in concert with, the grain of the wood with which they are working. Alex considers the process of producing assemblages of found objects, and then finding obscure photographic views and unusual perspectives to capture, in a similar light. 
This removes a great deal of authorship from Alex's hand. He does not create meaning, rather, he presents the viewer with sets of inter-related, culturally formed visual texts that focus on the features imbued on the objects through the lengthy social and physical process of their production.

About Alex

Alex Darocy is based in the Bay Area near Santa Cruz, where he has lived since he was three. He has been taking pictures since he was ten years old, when he taught himself the fundamentals of 35mm film photography with the help of a book he found at a local used shop. His medium of choice is color film photography, but he rabidly shoots digital as well. His favorite subjects to shoot are toys and other objects of mass production, and he has also been working on a long-term street photography project.

Alex Darocy received a B.A. in History of Art and Visual Culture from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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With the exception of the alt processes page, all of the photos on this site were single exposures taken with a medium format film camera, and they were originally printed on color photographic paper in the dark room (C-prints). Limited edition prints by Alex are available for purchase in a variety of photo sizes. For information on print prices and ordering or commissioning an artwork, email Alex at